Why Choose Microblading

Attractive, full eyebrows are extremely fashionable and some people are naturally blessed with well-defined, perfectly shaped brows.  However, many women want to improve on their eyebrows, whether they are fairly light in colouring or perhaps their brow shape isn’t as defined as they would like.  Sometimes, eyebrows have been over-plucked; whatever the case, professional microblading is the perfect solution. Microblading is also ideal for those that have patchy hair loss perhaps caused by Alopecia or other conditions and for those that want sparse areas filled with hair-like strokes. Contrary to popular belief, a professional semi-permanent makeup artist makes sure that the process is virtually pain-free.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that delivers ultra-fine strokes resembling fine hairs, perfect for enhancing and improving eye-brows.  Today’s leading make-up technique, it is a highly skilled craft that should only be undertaken by a specialist.


Microblades comprise of uniquely engineered super-fine needles to deliver the lightest strokes depositing tiny amounts of cosmetic-grade organic pigments to blend in with your own natural brow colour.  These fine cosmetic pigments are placed carefully into the outer layers of your skin. 


Professionally trained in the art of microblading, Andrea uses a manual hand-held disposable micro-blade that is completely sterile and is disposed of after use. The result is completely looking natural eyebrows that last up to two years. 


The benefits of having microblading for good-looking eyebrows are enormous!


  • Microblading is time-saving, there’s no need to add makeup to your natural brows as the cosmetic pigment does not wash off, it slowly fades over time

  • Microblading your eyebrows gives your face better definition and brings out your eyes

  • Microblading gives you a far more natural looking brow than using makeup


As with all of my semi-permanent and advanced beauty treatments, Andrea will talk you through the process and advise on the right cosmetic pigment colour for your natural skin and hair type.  Andrea will also take into account your hair, skin and face shape to determine the very best eyebrows for you.

How to Prepare for Microblading

It is always best to discuss the treatment prior to booking in but before performing microblading, please kindly adhere to the following advice for your own safety and for the best results:


  • Avoid sunbeds or fake tanning for a week before treatment

  • Refrain from waxing and tinting for three days prior to treatment

  • Do not drink alcohol the day before treatment and on the day of treatment or the procedure cannot be carried out

  • Avoid painkillers the day before treatment and on the day of treatment or the procedure cannot be carried out

The Microblading Process

The process begins with a topical numbing cream that is placed onto your eyebrows.  This reduces any discomfort.  You will feel a scratching sensation and the treatment should not hurt.


Following the numbing process, Andrea will pre-draw your new eyebrows using a pencil and carefully measuring with a tape for precision.  This is when Andrea will discuss your desired shape and make sure you are happy with the shape before starting the microblading treatment.


Once you are happy with the shape, Andrea will begin microblading using a brand new sterile needle that is always disposed of after use.  The needle process that Andrea favours delivers 3D hair like strokes that mimic real hairs, following the direction of your natural hair.  The result is completely natural looking semi-permanent eyebrows that should last up to two years.  Andrea's aim is for you to fall in love with your new eyebrows!

Following the Microblading Procedure

Please be aware that there will be some redness on the area treated.  This is due to the contact of the needle to your skin.  You may well experience some tenderness in the area as well; this is completely natural and will wear off within the next few hours.


You will be given an after-care soothing balm and cleanser to use on the treated area, which Andrea will show you how to use in your microblading appointment. You should re-apply the balm every day for up to two weeks post-treatment.


Before leaving your appointment, Andrea will book you in for a top-up microblading session.  This is usually 6 to 8 weeks post-treatment and will address any final enhancement or adjustment you might need.  Following this appointment, your permanent eyebrows will be complete.


Just imagine – you can throw away your eyebrow pencils and wake up every morning to the joy of perfectly shaped, perfectly full brows that really last!

Microblading After Care Advice

Side Effects:


You might find that for two to five days post-treatment that you experience the following around the treated area:


  • Flaking

  • Tenderness

  • Dryness

  • Itching

  • Swelling

  • Redness


This is entirely normal but recommend that for at least 5 to 7 days post-treatment, you include the following into your daily routine:


  • Always apply the after-care balm supplied, at least twice a day.  Use a clean cotton bud each time to avoid infection

  • If the treated area gets wet, pat dry gently with a clean towel or tissue, never rub

  • Do not wear conventional makeup on the area for a few days

  • Do not tweeze your eyebrows for a week post-treatment



 Very Important Advice


  • Make sure your hands are squeaky clean before touching the treated area

  • Never pick scabs (scabbing is normal)

  • Never rub or scratch the treated area

  • Allow any scabbing or dry skin to naturally fall away, picking at scabs can result in scarring and lose the look of fine hair-like strokes

  • Do not expose the treated areas to extreme temperatures such as sunbathing, tanning beds, saunas or other

  • Use SPF50 on your eyebrows to protect them and prolong the life of the cosmetic pigments

  • Avoid make-up for at least 3 days post-treatment

  • Avoid sleeping on your face for the first 10 days post-treatment (try and sleep on your back).  Sleep with your hair tied back to avoid your hair touching the treated area

  • Avoid activities that cause you to sweat (exercise, saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms etc.) for at least ten days post-treatment

  • Do not swim until the area is completely healed as salt and chlorinated water can cause the pigment to fade or change colour.  There is also risk of infection if you swim before your brows are healed




Please note the following information:


  • Post-treatment, the pigment colour will be 50% darker than the end result.  This colour will gradually fade after four to 7 days.  The true colour will be visible after four weeks and once the area has completely healed

  • A re-touching appointment is advised every 12 to 14 months to keep your semi-permanent eyebrows in perfect condition, this varies according to individual

  • If you have an upcoming MRI scan, chemical peal or similar procedure, please inform your practitioner that you have had a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment.

  • For facials, it is best to avoid the area completely as certain products can lighten the treatment

  • Laser hair removal can fade and change the shade of your eyebrow treatment so always advise the laser technician that you have had a semi-permanent procedure, the area should be avoided


For any other queries relating to microblading, please do not hesitate to contact Andrea here.