Eyelash Extensions

There are a multitude of different types of eyelash extensions available, all designed to give you gorgeous, fluttery lashes to open up your eyes and enhance your beauty.  Lash extensions conveniently time-saving too because they eliminate the need for mascara giving you stunning lashes that last all day and all night long! 


However, choosing an eyelash extension specialist is extremely important.  It is vital that you select someone that understands how to put eyelash extensions on carefully so that they don’t damage your own natural eyelashes.  Andrea is highly trained in the art of eyelash extensions and will give you a natural looking finish that is non-damaging.  To maintain your eyelashes, you need to take care to use the right products and to book in regular re-touching appointments.  Andrea also recommends that you wear your eyelashes for no more than four months at a time, then they should be completely removed to allow your natural lashes and lash-line to maintain good health.


Rest assured, Andrea only uses high quality vegan eyelashes because Andrea believes these are the best possible products and super lightweight they feel natural. Andrea's preferred products are kind to your own lashes as well as lasting longer.  Moreover, they give you a fabulous natural look. 


Andrea specialises in Classic Lash Extensions, Russian Volume Lash Extensions, and Hybrid Lash Extensions.  As well as lash extensions, Andrea also offers a Lash Lift and Tint (LVL) service to enhance your natural lashes.

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions uses the technique of applying one individual eyelash at a time.  The eyelash attaches itself to one natural lash and depending on the number of eyelashes you want, an appointment can last anything from 1 hour to 2 hours.


The true beauty of Classic Eyelash Extensions is that there are different lengths and thicknesses to choose from.  So if you dream of longer lashes, thicker lashes or lashes with a curl, Andrea can create a lash style bespoke to you.

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

For a more dramatic look, we recommend Russian Volume Lash Extensions which involve adding more than one lash extension to your natural lash at a time.  The faux lashes are “fanned” out which makes them appear thicker and longer than classic lashes.  While Russian Volume Lash Extensions are thicker and longer than Classic Lashes, they are customisable so you don’t have to have overly-thick eyelashes, Andrea can easily adjust the number of lashes you want and give you a softer, lighter and fluttery look.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid Lashes are the latest in lash extension styling and uses a combination of two lash application methods.  So you can combine Classic Lashes with Russian Volume and get a truly bespoke look. You might want length and fullness or just a few lashes strategically placed to open up your eyes.  Andrea will discuss with you what look you want to achieve and advise the best eyelash extensions to suit.


Lash Lift and Tint

There is another excellent option to enhance your own natural lashes and that is to book in for a Lash Lift and Tint.  A lash lift instantly flicks your own natural lashes upwards creating a natural curl, if you want that effect or a subtle lift. By adding tint to suit your skin and hair colouring, you can give your lashes more depth and help them to really stand out. I will discuss with you the type of curl you’re looking for, whether you want something dramatic or a soft, natural look and together, we will select the right colour for your finished look.


The beauty of a lash lift and tint is that it uses your own natural lashes and helps them to appear thicker and longer.  The effects can last up to 8 weeks.


Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

We will start your appointment by discussing the type of shape and look you want and once you’ve made your decision, you simply lie down and relax!


  • Your eyes need to be free from makeup and if you wear contact lenses, it is better to remove these before adding lashes. 


  • Andrea will also clean your lashes to remove protein or oil because these can hinder the application of false eyelashes.


  • Next, you close your eyes.


  • Then, small white pads beneath each eye are added to keep your lower lashes covered.


  • Using tweezers, adding each eyelash extension using a gentle but effective bonding agent.


  • Depending on the amount of lashes you have, appointments can last from 1 hour to 3 hours.


Eyelash Extension After Care

  • During the first 24 hours post bonding you should avoid water to make sure the bonding completely sets. 


  • Also advise you to avoid steam or hot temperatures for up to 48 hours. 

  • Please wait at least 48 hours before going for a swim as chlorine or salt can interfere with the bonding.


  • If you do still want to use mascara, only use a water base and place it on the tips of your lashes.  Please note, mascara use can shorten the life of your eyelash extensions and should never be used on Russian Volume Extensions.


  • Never use an eyelash curler or perm your lashes as this will break them.


  • Avoid rubbing your lashes and pulling them, you could end up pulling out your own natural lashes.


  • Avoid oily eye makeup remover and try and avoid using eye make-up remover on your eyelashes.  After cleansing your face, pat dry especially the eye area.


  • Use eye cream and face cream sparingly around the eye area as creams can loosen lashes.


  • You will lose 1-4 lashes a day, this is normal do not panic.  Sometimes you will see your own lash attached to an eyelash, this is normal shedding.


  • To keep your eyelashes looking as good as possible, please book in for an infill appointment every 2-3 weeks.